Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here's the very first App of Rs3server !

What is in there ?
-Guides (Combat/Skills/Others)
-Rs3server Shortcuts (Homepage/server 1,2,3/Forums/My message/ Unread/ Forum's Homepage/...)
-Tips (Saving your Acc)
-Useful info (Rules, Commands, Coords, ...)
-More (Credits, ...)

Requierements :
-Running on Windows (Mac not sure)

Version 1.1 is Out !
What's New ?
-Youtube Channels
-Smoother Running
-Rs3 icon on each windows
-ScreenShots taker
-Remade Credits
-Added Rambi Guide on how to quickly kill in Wilderness
-The App is now opening at the Center of the screen on the splash
-Added Member's Area (you need a Username and Password to enter, no one can Access Right Now, it just for the looks)

I tried to add a Fade In Effect but somehow whenever I convert the file as an .exe the Fade In Effect gets disabled or isn't recognized.

Version 1.0 {Release Date: 01/12/11 | File Size: 736 KB)

Version 1.1 (Release Date: 05/12/11 | File Size: 1.72MB)

Posted by : ISAI

Made by the Great : GuideExpert !