guide to getting quick kills in wilderness

you will need: lots of devines, bandos Armour and everything else i mention in this video, also 80+ attack, 75+ defense, 99 strength, 95 prayer+ and 90 hp+

Armour set up: a divine, bandos Armour, helm of neitzinot, dboots, barrows gloves, strength ammy, gold ring, chaotic rapier, and for your spec weapon a dragon dagger p++

inventory set up: (put these items in the order as i say them) super attack, strength and defense, rapier, 2 sara brews and a super restore, venge runes, 5 prayer pots, and the rest a decent food like mants.

using all these prayers and pots: if you do this in thw wrong order, it wont work and your health wont be boosted or anything, so listen closely. first your gunna wonna have (2) of your first sarapot, then (1) of each super pot, then cast turmoil, mele protect, spec leach (optional: zerker and protect 1 item) then do your venge.

in the wilderness: after you follow all this go to the wilderness and stand there, making sure you keep your prayer at 80+, and make sure you have your ddp++ dagger equipped with a spec ready, so if any one rushes you you can anti rush them and kill them. and if some one wants to fight you, switch to your chaotic rapier and start fighting them, keep your health above 40 and your prayer above 70, and the trick is, make sure you keep your attention on your enemy health, ignore any conversation, and the second they slip, dds spec them, twice, if they don't die within 2 specs it means they have survived your blow and any more specs will be a waste. then keep fighting, until you kill him. if your fighting some one else with a devine, agree together to keep soul split on, or you will both never hit.

if theres any items in the guide you dont have, try and replace them with the bets possible item, ie: you dont have bandos armour, use dragon or barrows

credits: rambi

Posted by : ISAI

okay, theres my little guide (: feel free to edit it to how you see fit, obviously taking out the line under guide to getting quick kills in wilderness