Killing Jad using melee


Helmet: Barrows (not karil or ahrim)- Helm of Neitz Body  : Barrows (not karil or ahrim)- Bandos Chestplate Legs  : Barrows (not karil or ahrim)- Bandos Tassets Feet  : Bandos boots - Dragon boots - just yo feet cape  : Skillcape - fire cape - no cape at all shield  : arcane spiritshield - spectral spiritshield - elysian spiritshield - divine spiritshield - dragon defender - i dont care

Weapons: Spec weapon: Vesta's longsword - Dragon claws (ags sucks -.-) Primary weapon: Chaotic longsword - Chaotic rapier


- Vengeance runes
- Food
- Stat boost Potions (Only if you want to)

(dont bother prayer potions.. probably only if you have a low prayer level and low stats)

Now listen up and dont get confused.

1. Go inside the cave and equip your spec weapon - cave located at minigames teleport - tzhaar caves
2. relog.
3. First thing to do is turn on your Deflect from magic/ Magic Protect prayer on, then turn on turmoil/piety 4. Cast Vengeance (if you dont have it i dont think it will be that bad but it's good because it deals back stuff.)
5. Spec dat big ass!!! ;o
6. switch to Primary weapon. (if it isn't dead yet.)
7. wait for it to die....

Tip: It is recommended to safe (that means keep your health high and be safe.. duhh)