hey this is my noob fire cape guide...i alwayz come here and never found any topic so i wanted to make the first topic on!!

first of all you need 70-99 range and 43+ pray..
wear good range gear with r c'bow and d bolts (e)
items that you will need:-ranging potion-super restore and Sara brews or mantas (many rest or pray pots)..

                                            when you have all those! 

enter the cave and you will receive a message say's:-RE-LOGIN TO START YOU'RE WAVE!
then u have to re-login drink pot and open RANGE PROT PRAY in the first cuz range hits harder...

How to use prays:-keep looking at jad feets all the time and they jump clik on range pray and if he down his head so open magic have to be fast or u will get 800's on ur face oki...that's it!! Thank you...

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