1st- To retrieve bones you must do slayer tasks. The guy who gives you the slayer task is at Home near the fairy and the knight.

2nd- It will take about 700-800 dragon bones to get to 99 prayer. Less if its on a double exp weekend.
(**Quicknote**) you can stop at 95 if you want.(turmoil) It will take about 450-500 dragon bones. Less if its on a double exp weekend.

3rd- DO NOT BURY YOUR BONES! WASTE OF BONES! Instead go to the altar at home to the farthest left. Bring a full inventory of dragon-bones. Left click on the dragon-bones then click use, then click on the altar. This will give you more exp then burying your bones. Keep repeating this step until you reach your goal.

4th- You can get more then 1 slayer points, depends on what monsters you fight. Medium, Easy, Im not sure if there is a hard one because i've only got the medium and easy tasks.

5th- You can train your str,def,mage,range and attck while getting your slalyer and slayer points while fighting monsters.

6th- I would warn you to bring a supply of food anything higher then lobster are fine to use. I would bring potions like str,range and restore incase. If you need them to kill the monsters faster.
(**Important** If you have a task that requires you to go upstairs of Slayer Tower(Monster Teleport) Do not go because it is still glitched(will freeze the game)and will not give you any slayer points once you kill a certain amount of monsters.)

Posted by ISAI Guide by Tipzz